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Virago is a New York City theater company composed of performers working in live theater and film. Founded by Brenna Palughi in March 2017, the company is inspired by the figure of the virago, who embodies contradictory definitions: on the one hand, a loud, overbearing woman, and a hero of great stature on the other. Virago seems to challenge and change the prevailing perceptions of women in the arts and theater. 

Virago aspires to a collaborative and synthetic creative process. Its methodology evolves with the needs of the particular performance or film. Instead of a rehearsal period, Virago adopts a long workshop period of devising and lets the shape of the piece be revealed and formulated in the process. With a focus on the physical and emotional body as the tool for storytelling, Virago prioritizes the performers’ input and insight as the core of its devising process. 

photo by Zack DeZon

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